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how to incorporate a Stored procedure with ARD file (ADD ON)

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hi experts

i created a SP which is called by the following code.

Dim GD As SAPbouiCOM.Grid
        Dim Query As String = "exec sp_Attendance_Report'" & vmonth & "','" & vyear & "'"
        GD = objForm.Items.Item("10").Specific

while creating add on (ard file )how to incorporate this stored procedure?

thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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thanks everybody

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When the addon first time connect, you must check that the SP is exists or not exists in target database. If not exist, you may create it.

sql to check the sp exists

select 1 from sysobjects where name like 'sp_Attendance_Report'

if this query returns 1 the sp is exists in the database, skip installation, if returns no records, you must install the sp via recordset by create procedure command.



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that means after registration of Add-on we need to manually create the SP in the target DB.

No other Option to include the SP along with ADD-ON.


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SAP does not Recommend to Create Store Procedure, So that they not provided any mechanism to add Store

procedure through code in DI API.

So you will have to Create Store Procedure separately

I Hope this helps