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How to implement 'Rejection' functionality for PR/PO/RFQ/Contract in SAP MM ?

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This is related to MM Module.

Our client want to add the REJECT functionality for PR/PO/RFQ/Contract. If the concerned approver is not willing to approve, then they will use the REJECT function to reject the document.

Please note that REJECT is NOT equivalent to CANCEL RELEASE. CANCEL RELEASE functionality involves first the approving of the document (SET RELEASE) and then calling the approval. Whereas, in REJECT the document can be directly rejected without SET RELEASE.

The function of REJECT button would be to send an email informing the creator of the purchasing document that his document has been rejected and changes needs to be done.

The following are the T-codes used to set/cancel release.

PR – ME55

PO – ME28

RFQ – ME45

Contract – ME35

In these Tcodes, we will need to add REJECT functionality (May be a reject button for rejecting the approval).

They don’t want to do the reject using ME54N or ME22N.

Can this be done ?  How ?

Thank you in advance.

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REJECT functionality is not available in SAP, Though you can use Workflow which may help you in this