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How to identify a third-party-order item in the invoice

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is there a figure in the invoice item which identifies one item as a third-party-order item? The item type TAS is not clear enough, because you can change the scheduled item type in the order from CS to another scheduled item type.

I don't find it because normally the scheduled item has the information, but in the invoice there is no scheduled item...



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Please follow the following process.

find the "Schedule line category" for the invoice line item from VBEP table withe schedule line no. 1.

fetch the data for this "Schedule line category" from TVEP table.

now "tvep-pstyp" = 5 means the third party item.

I have implemented thiss in my report and it works fine.

Hope it is helpful.

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third party sales invoice you identify and item category level , in sale order level item category at copy at billing level , because it is for order related billing , so identify the at item category level only , in invoice at item level , item category field is their based on this you can identify like below screen

in this item sales document and reference document is same , item category only option ,

and check the material at mm02 ,mm03 item category group ,

please check this

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Hi Christian Gerken,

Identification parameter for third party order item from invoice can be as follows :

1) First its order related billing

2) Second one material group (MATKL)  as all third party items can be grouped under a single product group.

There is no concrete parameter available in system.