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how to hide Frieght in PO Print out...

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hi guru's

Can anybody explain how to hide the frieght charges in PO print out.If the frieght vendor is different from Main vendor, my client wants to Hide the frieght charges only in Print outs, please any one explain the configuration details for this.


sap mm

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First create four new Condition types with respect to Delivery Cost and assign these Conditions in the Pricing Procedure for Materials. Four condition types were – Customs Duty/ Handling Charges with percentage, Customs Duty with absolute value, Freight Clearing with percentage and Freight clearing with absolute value. All these condition types then to be assigned to 2 Clearing G/L Account called Freight Clearing and Customs Clearing. These new Condition types then allowed users to assign a different vendor as applicable compared to the material vendor. Users were able to assign 3 vendors in one PO. One for material, second for Freight and last one for Customs Duty. With customization then PO print out you can control to print only material cost or only Freight Cost when the PO is generated and sent to Material vendor or to Respectives.

With this solution in place, when GR is done, the system posts entries for materials and delivery cost together. Total cost of material now includes the delivery cost so it is easy for the business to compare the total cost spent on procuring materials. Proper Accounting entry could be created by debiting total cost of inventory G/L with materials and delivery cost and crediting GR/IR Clearing with Customs Clearing and Freight Clearing Account. These accounts are now to be checked for any pending invoices for freight, material and customs duty.

When an invoice is processed through MIRO, the Finance team can process invoice separately for material and delivery cost by using the option Goods / Services and Planned Delivery Cost.


Abhilas Das

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in that particular pricing procedure u can put '<b>X</b>' against freight condition in '<b>print column</b>' so that it will not get printed


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please explain me the path (step by step). i m trying to do .. but i m not getting the path and pricing procedure.

please send me the path..


by mm sap

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In m/08 for your pricing procedure

dont mark X for ur freight condition type in print column

only those condition type wioll be printed when u have marked X in print column in m/08 for u r pricing procedure

reward is usefull

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