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How to get MCH1-CHARG(batch Number)?

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Hi all,

I have input fields MATNR ,

MVT_TYPE( Movement type),



in the Excel file.

How can I get the MCH1-CHARG?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You didn't give much information in your question...

Maybe this can help you:

EQUI-SEMR does not exist in data table EQUI. I guess you think of EQUI-EQUNR. (???)

In this case you can use data table MSEG:

MSEG-MATNR = EQUNR from your excel sheet

MSEG-WERKS = Plant from your excel sheet

MSEG-BWART = MVT_TYPE from your excel sheet

MSEG-EQUNR = equi-semr from your excel sheet

You will find the batch number in MSEG-CHARG.

Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Jul 22, 2010 10:57 AM

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Hi CSaba,

I have a data in the excel with the earlier mentioned fields in Excel.

All these Excel records are passed into BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE to create Material Document let us say 30 records.

As we are not passing the CHARG field. This BAPI creates internal CHARG for all Items(30 records).

Now my requirement is to get the internal CHARG for each item into memory variable and get that all CHARG in my calling report.

and then i have to update MCH1-LICHA based on CHARG.

how can i do this? Is there any Enhancement Point/EXIt/BADI?

Sample code more helpful 4 me.

Please help..

I hope you can help me?

Thanks alot..


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