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How to get available serial number using SAP Service Layer API

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Hello experts,

I am using SerialNumberDetails service layer API endpoint to get serial numbers from SAP. Here I want to add filter to get only in stock serial numbers with this API.

I am using below API url currently.

GET: https://XXX.XXX.X.X:50000/b1s/v1/SerialNumberDetails?$filter=ItemCode eq 'S10000'

Response for above.

"value": [ { "DocEntry": 577, "ItemCode": "S10000", "ItemDescription": "Server Point 10000", "MfrSerialNo": null, "SerialNumber": "S1-000225", "LotNumber": null, "SystemNumber": 225, "AdmissionDate": "2019-03-06", "ManufacturingDate": null, "ExpirationDate": null, "MfrWarrantyStart": null, "MFrWarrantyEnd": null, "Location": null, "Details": "" },

Here How to filter based on in stock serial numbers?

Am I using correct endpoint here to get? Is there any other endpoint to get?

Can you please help on this?



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Thank you Ralph for your response. I will check this out.