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how to generate crystal report in sap application

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i want to generate crystal report through sap application...

How is it possible ....?

could you help me in details?

Plz help me???????????

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Create an add-on that reference to Crystal Report printing engine in

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KC Lai,

I am also facing the same problem in crystal report.Can u explain the above solution in detail.


Dilip Kumbhar

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STEP 1: Like any other add-on project, refer SBO UI and DI COM to your project. Initialize SBO APPLICATION object and SBO COMPANY object and listen to events. (This is standard add-on project steps)

STEP 2: Add a Dataset to the project. This is used as a data source to your Crystal Reports. (For more information on this search for Push Technique Crystal Reports)

STEP 3: Add a Windows Form to your Project.

STEP 4: Add a Crystal Report Control to it.

STEP 5: Design report based on dataset added above.

STEP 6: Launch this Form with required parameters and selection criteria when any even happens.

Remember there is lot stuff available on net if you search with PUSH TECHNIQUE CRYSTAL REPORT. SAP SDN has lot answers for adding Crystal Reports integration to SAP Business One Add-On.


B Ravi Shankar