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How to generally block some materials for sale but allow to certain ship-to numbers

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Hi there,

In theory this question is at least related to 'Material listing and exclusion: VB01/02 etc' but I think it's not a simple scenario handled by SAP standard. Would appreciate your thoughts. My situation is as per below.

We have a US-Domestic sales org / distributional channel 'US' combination

We have a International (means ex-US) sales org / distributional channel 'IN' combination

I have a list of materials but these materials cannot yet be generally sold - neither in the US and neither international.

However I do have a couple of customers in the US and Europe where I am allowed to ship the materials to (and must do for testing purposes).

Our usual method to block sale before full release is to:

1. Use a DChain status which blocks material for that sales org/distribution channel

2. And in addition block / exclude countries in VB01 - either all of them or at least those which should be blocks

3. It can also be of course that make it generally Dchain status saleable for the relevant sales org/distribution channel but only release certain countries from exclusion in VB02

The challenge is that for the US sales org / distributional channel  we want to keep these materials generally Dchain blocked but we do want to allow 2 customers to override this general sorg/dch/country exclusion. And to make matters more difficult - the sold-to customer needs to remain generally blocked --- only the 2 specific ship-tos should be allowed get orders through.

It's similar for the international  sales org / distributional channel. We want these materials to be generally blocked and also in general blocked for Germany but we want to allow orders from a couple of shiptos in Germany.

Many thanks for checking.


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Hello David,

from your post I got the impression that this is somehow related to legal control/license checks.

Have you thought about customer-specific+material-specific licenses - as in foreign trade?

Listings/exclusions do not handle very well changes to validity periods, so if I were you, I would try to avoid them in your scenario - even if I could get them to work somehow only for ship-to-parties.

In standard listing/exclusion use sold-to and payer, if I remember correctly.

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Dear Vaselina,

Your idea about customer-specific+material-specific licenses - as in foreign trade' sounds interesting. I am not familiar with that functionality. Is it SAP standard? If so do you have any links to articles or resources which describe how it works?

Any time I heard about such things in the past I was led to believe that it was totally custom.

Listing/exclusions has never worked very well for us and if it's lIke you say that it will not work anyway at ship to level - then more reasons to avoid.


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Hello David,

legal control in foreign trade is a standard SAP functionality. You can find out more about it if you search the forum with the search criteria legal control foreign trade and filter out the results to wiki pages.

I haven't tested my idea in a sandbox, but from what I know about how it works, it seems a good place to look for a solution. Of course, it depends on if and how you actually use that functionality in your system. You work with international customers, so most probably there is some configuration done already.

If you have GTS, please discuss the topic with your colleague, who is responsible for the setup.

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Hi David,

I read your query several times and i think it will be easy to understand if you separate this into sub questions.

1. You have a Single Sales Organization :  US and two common distribution channels.

                - why don't you apply the same sales area in the materials so the ordering person will get the clear idea.

2. You have mentioned that as per the partner functions the material exclusion have to be work.

               - Currently how are you maintaining partner functions in your system??. Because i think this needs to be work.