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How to flag a material for deletion?

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Hi All,

Any FM or transaction that I can use to flag a material for deletion?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE Flag Material for Deletion

MALU Update Program: Set Deletion Flag Mat.

MATERIAL_UPDATE_LVORM Update changed deletion flags in material mas

DPRL Change Material When Profile Deleted

MBAD Delete Material Documents

MM06 Flag Material for Deletion

MM16 Schedule Material for Deletion

MM70 Sel. Materials Flagged for Deletion

MMDE Delete All Materials

PPRL Change Material When Profile Deleted

Tip: You can see the Package =<b>M*</b> to find out all MM related object in SE37,se93 as well as in SE38.

Hope this’ll give you idea!!

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Good luck


Saquib Khan

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Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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hi aurang,

MM06 Flag material for deletion

Delete a material master - MM module

If you created an material by error and you want to delete that material from the data base you can do it in this simple 4 steps. The only condition is that this material has to have no material movement recorded.

These are the steps:1

1) Flag material for deletion. transaction MM06

2) Run report MMREO001 - Selection of materials flagged for deletion and select the material

3) Run report MMREO050 Archive Materials to archive the material (some customisig settings might be required)

4) Run report MMREO110 Deletion Program for Archiving Materials to delete the material from the database.

These reports are called by the SARA transaction too.

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Hi Aurang,

Please check this FM.




Hope this will help.


Ferry Lianto

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How about MM06 or MM16? They're on the Material menu.


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Try with: