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How to find "Still Open" items in CK40N?

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Dear All,

We face a problem in transaction CK40N "Edit Costing Run".

After running costing runs there are sometimes some "Still Open" items in view "Create Cost Estimate" in transaction CK40N.

We know how to find out the "Errors" but we did not find out, how to determine the item numbers in column "Still Open".

We allready tried out all suggestions of comparing tables KALM with KEKO and also MBEW with different status (FEH_STAUTS eq 'KA' and FEH_ST eq 'FR').

But at the end we did not find the "Still Open" items.

Any help will be appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Markus,

the 'still open' entries are usually caused by overwriting of
cost estimates (by other costing runs or in CK11N).

Note 959677 explains how marking and release steps of CK40N work.
    It provides a small report which lists the cost estimates and explains
    the statistics.

Please note that this report list is created in language Enlglish only.

all the best aus Mailand ,


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