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How to find out what is the purchase price keyed in Initial Quantity

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Dear Experts,

The stock valuation is Standard Costing.

Before this, someone else keyed in initial quantity and the purchase price in the Initial Quantities module.

Now when I issued a PO to a vendor (price list tagged with Last Purchase Price), the price shown is different.

How do I find out if the price keyed in initial quantity is correct or not? Any tables I can refer to?

I tried to track from the Inventory Posting List and the smartlink only bring me to the journal entry for the initial quantity posting. I don't have the details like item no., qty, price.\

Thanks in advance.

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You mat try this simple query by entering the transaction number:

SELECT * from oinm T0 where TransType = 58 and T0.createdby = '[%0\]'



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Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the query. It's great! However, I get this message "No data was found as a result of the selection criteria." even if I select it from the list which tells me there are 38 no. of records. Any idea why?

Hi Everyone,

OINM it is. Thanks!

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You may change to TransType = -2 and try again. The previous transtype only works for normal Inventory Posting.

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Thank you Gordon. It works now. Only if I change the TransType = 310000001.

Thank you everyone for your reply.

Edited by: Joyce T on Jul 28, 2010 8:14 AM