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How to find a particular view from table MARD field PSTAT

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Hi Friends,

Do any one have any idea how to check the Views created for a material. I have a requirement to check Plant data1, Plant data2 MRP1, MRP2, MRP3 and MRP4 Views are created or not if not created then I need to create it.

I can see the table MARD have field PSTAT but how can we recogonize how many views are created for a particular material. Even though I have created 5 views for a material it shows only DL in PSTAT.

The overall maintenance status is made up of the individual maintenance statuses. The individual maintenance statuses have the following meaning:

Work scheduling A

Accounting B

Classification C


Purchasing E

Production resources/tools F

Costing G

Basic data K

Storage L

Forecasting P

Quality management Q

Warehouse management S

Sales V

Plant stocks X

Storage location stocks Z

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (3)

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hi sujuit,

you approch is correct but u need look MARA-PSTAT.

mara-pstat contains all the view each character indicates one veiw .

dont go for other tables.. you should check MARA-PSTAT. u r problem will be solved.


Naresh Reddy.

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Hi Sujith

You are on right track to find the views created.

Each character in the field PSTAT identifies the view or group of views created.

In your case you have created MRP1, MRP2, MRP3, StorageLoc1 & Storage Loc2.

Group MRP1, MRP2 & MRP3 are identified with character D and Storage Loc1 & Storage Loc2 are identified with character L.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


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Hi Sujith

MOFF will contain all views that have not been created.

SELECTION_VIEWS_FIND this function module will also help.