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How to execute availability check against delivery date in purchase order

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Hi all

In MD04, I know that "available date = delivery date in purchase order + GR processing time" & "GR date = delivery date in purchase order". When I execute availability check in production order, I will get material's committed date = available date. But I hope to get material's committed date = GR date in purchase order.

For example. delivery date in purchase order is 2012/02/06 and GR processing time is 2 days. After ATP in production order, I will get committed date 2012/02/08. But I hope it show 2012/02/06. How to customize it.

(The GR processing time must be set 2 days for MRP calculation. it can be changed to 0.) Thanks!!

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rita,

One Doubt, If you say that material commited has to be the GR date and you do not wish to wait for GR processing time, then why do you have the GR processing time in first place.

For ex. My client, we get the stock as per GR in Quality inspection and so we have GR processing time considered for available time in MD04. But since the business considers the Inspection stock as avialble, The stock gets reflected in avialibility check the moment GR is done.

So please explain your requirement in detail. There could some way to do so. If not the raise an issue with SAP.

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I don't think that there's a way to customize the system this way. For both planning and ATP there's only one date = material availability date.

In MD04 it is only a display service that you can see the picture on GR dates.