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How to enable the HU label and Shipping HU label in the Business context (HANDLINGUNIT)?

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Dear SAP,

when creating custom fields for HUs, these fields are not available in the HU label and HU shipping label. We need some extra info to be printed on the labels.

The field  YY1_ProductPutawayIndi in Business Context: Handling Unit (HANDLINGUNIT) is enabled in multiple forms and the changes have been published.

When downloading the form and verifying it in Adobe LiveCycle designer, the field is only available for the packing list, not for the HU shipping label nor the Handling Unit label.

Should we do some additional actions for the label forms ?

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You can create a custom field ‘Product Putaway Indicator’ in the Business Context: Handling Unit (HANDLINGUNIT) and enable it. However, please note that the availability of custom fields in forms depends on the business context of the custom field and the business context of the form.

In your case, the custom field is created in the business context ‘Handling Unit’, but the forms EWM_HU_LABEL and EWM_HU_SHPLABEL might not support this business context, which is why the custom field is not available in these forms.

You can consider creating a custom field with business context - Handling Unit, then determine the logic at /SCWM/EX4_OM_HU_EXTEND_HDR.

This BAdI is used to enhance the standard output of Handling Unit (HU) documents. You can extend the Adobe output forms of handling unit (HU) labels and HU shipping labels according to your business needs.

Please note that implementing this BAdI requires ABAP programming knowledge and should be done internally. Also, any changes should be thoroughly tested in a non-production environment before being transported to the production system.

For further information about this BAdI please check the document below:

Extensibility for Adobe Output Forms of HU Documents 

Hope this helps!

Anything let us know by here.

Best regards,

SAP Support.