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How to enable addition output field in Address infotype

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Dear All,

I am using the standard component  HRESS_CC_PER_OVR_ADDRESS_XX  to display the address details..

The standard address details which is showing is not full.We want to show  some more additional  standard fields of infotype 0006.

Can anyone suggest, how to achieve this..


Prince  Elvis

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Make the copy (so that you will get the change options) of the address app ie. List, Form, OVP etc, Copy the config to Z and make the required changes.

And also you might have to make a copy of the personal profile too, so that now you can go ahead and replace the standard address with the custom one.

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Thanks Yugandar.

I am able to only modify  the address infotype ,but also add additional infotype like education,insurance(37) etc..

In addition to the above for the beginners like me,kindly follow the below step to add a new infotype in personnel profile.

This is article is a copied from one of the sdn reply(lost the link).

1.) Create a new building block on your OVP-Component.

2.) Add Component FPM_LIST_UIBB with View LIST_WINDOW

3.) Define a configuration name

4.) save - you get the message the Config doesn`t exist.

5.) go to the Configuration using "Config UIBB"-button - now you can create this config

6.) you will be asked for a feeder class it`s "CL_HRESS_PER_OVERVIEW"

7.) define Parameter COMPONENT_NAME = HRPAD, OBJECT_NAME = IT0105, GROUP_COLUMN = USRTY (EDIT_MODE and  INIT_LEAD_SEL are not needed in your case).

8.) define attributes - Rendering-Style = Row Repeater

9.) configure columns - add the fields you need AND columns DELETE and EDIT if it should be allowed for user.

10.) If you want a "New"-Button, add a tool bar to you uibb (in OVP component) and activate check box "Embed Actions" (there will be automatically a button created - just delete it) Depending on customizing you will get the "New"-Button automatically.

Now it`s time to get your data - therefor you need to create two wires.

1st Wire is to connect overview page with info type.

1.) Component is FPM_LIST_UIBB

2.) Config name is your defined name

3.) Connector class is CL_HRESS_CONNECTOR_PER_OVR

4.) Connector parameter is IT0105_REL

2nd Wire is to connect overview page with detail page

(Do you have already a detail page? Use an existing as template)

1.) Component is FPM_FORM_UIBB

2.) Config name is your defined name of the configuration for the detail page

3.) Root Component is FPM_LIST_UIBB

4.) Root Config name is your defined name (of UIBB config)

5.) Port is Lead-Selection

6.) Port identifier is STANDARD



Prince Elvis

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