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How to edit ACTIVE Invoice Run parameters in SAP ByD

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Hello Experts,

You will find below the steps you should follow in order modify the parameters of an ACTIVE Invoice Run.

Business scenario:

A company has different customers with different billing frequencies: monthly, weekly, daily. One Invoice run has been set up for each billing frequency in the system. The user is not able to add/ remove Accounts from the Invoice Run parameters and it is not possible to copy an Invoice Run.

In order to modify the Invoice run parameters you should follow the steps below:

1) Set the Invoice Run to obsolete.

2) Revoke the Invoice Run Obsolescence by editing the invoice run.

3) Modify the Invoice Run parameters (i.e: Add/ Remove Accounts)

4) Activate the Invoice Run.

Please see the attached document step1.pngstep-2.pngstep-3.pngstep-4.pngfor more details.

I hope it helps you!



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