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How to Edit a PR that has been synced to Ariba?

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Dear All,

The senario is like this: 

I created a PR on ERP using ME51N, and transferred the PR to Ariba. Then on Ariba, I cancelled the said PR and deleted it on Ariba when the PR is in composing status, wishing this could make the PR be returned to ERP and be open for my further editing.

Subsquently, the PR became partially editable, but when I tried to save, it returns error message "PR has been synced to Ariba, you cannot change it."


Thank you.

Y, Z-Z

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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If any POs are associated with the requisition, there could be issues depending on the PO status. It doesn't sound like you had any POs to go with the PR, so this error could potentially be caused by configuration. 

The info on Cannot cancel a Purchase Requisition (PR) or Purchase Order (PO) helps narrow down what could be the problem.