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How to do scrap after Production order confirmation in CO11N?

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Hi PP Guru,

In our scenario, the product is in roll and confirmation is done right after the order is finished.

Then quality inspection is done.

In case scrap is identified, how can we scrap the defective against the order after it is confirmed?

Please kindly advise,


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Hello Sally,

Normally 3 types of scraps are available i.e assembly, component and operation and if we use assembly scrap function, it increases order qty by that scrap % defined in MRP1 and component scrap are defined with netID in BOM and it automatically increases while we create order and Operation scrap are defined in routing and impacts in order and reduces by % defined in routing.

However we can confirm scrap in co11n as well after GR is being done but this creates variance in order, if it is fine with business you can confirm the order via co11n with Yield 0 and put some scrap qty even confirmation is been done.

and for this scenario 2 points must be checked -

Do you need stock of scrap? for further processing or scrap sale? if NO then you can check another method of consumption as well "consumption at costcenter". or consumption against order via mb1a or migo.

if answer is Yes then you have to check other available methods like coproducts/Biproducts etc.

Hope it Clarifies..