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how to do loan integration.

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Hi we are giving pf loan to employee , our process is


if an employee applies for loan 

then loan amount is debited  to employee pf account and credited to employee bank account.

2) and recovery happens in from salary account from next pay period.

3) client want loan repayment amount , interest amount and balance should be displayed in payslip.

now i have configured PF loan type , and when i am processing through infotype 45 , my payroll log displaying loan deduction amount, and balance amount .

now let me know how i will integrate loan amount to fi.

waiting for  valuable input help.

thanks in advance


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Answers (3)

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hi mili,

you can integrate all the loan wagetypes to FI by making different symbolic account and assigning wagetype to it>>> now asssign wther it is -ve or +ve amount via charachterstics>>>> now assign there symbolic to balance sheet and expence account with G/l's>>> run postings...


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Please make use of PCR XLOZ  with the help of respective custom wage types if you have several loan types and it is to be mapped with separate GLs.

Have a Great Day


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Intergartion to FI is just as usual you have to create symbolic account (V_T52EK ) and assign this loan wagetype into symbolic account  finaly assing it to GL account.(T-code OBYG--Balance sheet and T-Code: OBYE-- expence account)

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Hi Mili,

Loan payment and recovery happens through /L wage types. Each wage type is linked to symbolic account and they are linked to G/ L account. Hence, all loans gets posted to one G/L account.

However we can post different loans to different G/L accounts.