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How to develop ABAP RICEF objects in S/4HANA Cloud Public Version

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Hi All,

Good Day.

We are going to move on S/4 Hana Cloud public version. I read some of the documents in SDN. In S/4 hana cloud, there is an Extensibility application. Using this application can create custom CDS view, badi enhancement. But coding customizing is very less compared to s/4 hana on-promise.

I would like to know, how to create below objects in S/4 hana cloud public version.

  • Reports
  • Interface
  • Conversion
  • Enhancement
  • Smartforms
  • background jobs

Please help me the insights of this.

Ravi Ayyanar

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Hi Ravi,

Were you able to find the answer for this. If yes , please let us know also as we are also having the same question for S/4 Hana Cloud

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Hello Ravi ,

Please let me know if you get the answer that how to develop RICEF objects in S/4 HANA public cloud .


Raju Mammula

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ravi.

The concept of S/4HANA public cloud is to keep the core system "clean". This allows SAP to better manage the quarterly updates and continuous innovation.

I would encourage you to consider fitting to standard where possible as this is basic premise for all public cloud. That said you can extend using side-by-side extensibility using SAP cloud platform. Here you could build your own database tables, view, and UI5 apps as needed.

Please see this blog for further details.

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