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How to delete some data from GLPCA table

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Dear Friends,

We have extracted some data in GLPCA table via the ECPA component. We

want to delete these records ( Doc type and Posting date is known).

However we do not want other data already existing the GLPCA to be

deleted. Is there some Std SAP Trx for deletion of partial/select data

from EIS tables.

Please explain us clearaly how we can delete these records.

Your quick reply for this issue is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Naveen Kumar.

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You are not supposed to delete any data in live system, since it may casue data inconsistancy...I believe you must be aware of the same.

However we can delete technically in SE16N, please ask your ABAPer, who can only delete them by explaing the business requirement and approval from business owners.