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How to Delete/reverses Credit Memo & Cancellation of Credit Meo in SD

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1.Client have created Credit memo Request & Credit Memo in SD module.After that they realized that the amount was wrongly entered in that credit memo.

2.Then immediately they have Canceled the Credit memo as the credit memo amount was wrong.But the canceled credit memo was not generated the Accounting document as there was some problem in VOFA number range.

3.Since the credit memo was not generating the accounting document,Credit memo is still opened.

4.Now i want to Delete/Reverse the Canceled Credit memo & Credit memo of wrongly posted amount.

5.Kindly advice me where and how can i Delete/reverses Credit Memo & Cancellation of Credit Meo in SD?

This would be a great help if anyone help me regarding this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you reverse billing document / credit memo in SD and the accounting document is not generated due to any reason like accounting posting periods are being closed or number ranges are not maintained etc. you can later release them to accounting.

Use transaction code VFX3.

Generate the list.

Select the list (F5)and click on release button (Shift+F6). The documents get released to FI.

Go to right side of the screen whether they are released to FI or not. If they are released you see green tick mark not released then you will see cross red mark.

Please see the log in case if you see red marks.

You can see the log in the same screen from menu bar

Goto ==> Notes

Expand the notes. It will give you the reason. Accordingly correct the error in your system and re-run VFX3, select manually and release. At the end of the day, I would not expect to keep douments in VFX3.



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Dear Ravi

Even when trying VFX3  by entering Calculation of credit memo ,its getting the same number range error.Please suggest any alternative.



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