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How to delete Enhancement for infotype '001' ?

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I already create additional field for pa0001 by tcode'PM01'.

Structure : ps0001 has include 'CI_P0001'.

Transp table : pa0001 has include 'CI_P0001'.

Structure : p0001 has include 'CI_P0001'.

But I want to remove or delete 'CI_P0001'.

I don't know how can I remove all 'CI_P0001'.

tcode PM01 has menu Enhancement --> Delete Extension

when I choose 'Delete Extension' that it's short dump when I call 'PA30'.



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Answers (2)

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Hi chutima,

1. simple (i just tried now)

In this way, it won't give any error in pa30.

2. a) goto pm01

b) enter the infotype 0001

c) click on tab 'enhance infotype'

d) follow the MENU



e) Confirm yes

3. Thats all

4. Then afterwards try doing pa30.

It won't give error.


amit m.

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Tricky way !

Go to Se38==> Rename CI_P0001 to CI_P0001_TST.

Delete CI_P0001_TST. Before that make sure all the refernces of CI_P0001 are removed from SAP.



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How can I remove all reference of ci_p0001?

I don't sure how many reference.

I use where-used-list when se11-->datatype ci_p0001.

It has one reference refer to ps0001.

Another question.

How can I remove Include ci_p0001 from pa0001?



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What you did was the correct way - deleting via PM01.

There is a note to address the dump you are getting :

897992 -> please see this note. If you can't, I am pasting the contents here for your ease :


If you use Transaction PM01 to enhance the list screen, problems occur if in the field list of the table control, checkboxes or pushbuttons are available. After the enhancement, the display of the list screen is displayed incorrectly. In addition, if you attempt to delete the enhancement, a dump may occur. This problem occured, for example, in infotype 145.

Additional key words

Cause and prerequisites


The attached correction prevents the incorrect creation of the screen. Also, when you delete the screen, no problems should occur. In the case of destroyed screens, use the Screen Painter to restore the original status.


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