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How to Delete a Material ?

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I'm a technical guy, configured a workflow to trigger an email when a material is created. For testing i have created a material. Now i wanna delete that material only which i have created. Can anyone help out in the regard. Please give links for deleteing specific material not all the materials.



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Hi Friend,

If you created an material by error and you want to delete that material from the data base you can do it in this simple 4 steps. The only condition is that this material has to have no material movement recorded.

These are the steps:1

1) Flag material for deletion. transaction MM06

2) Run report MMREO001 - Selection of materials flagged for deletion and select the material

3) Run report MMREO050 Archive Materials to archive the material (some customizing settings might be required)

4) Run report MMREO110 Deletion Program for Archiving Materials to delete the material from the database.

These reports are called by the SARA transaction too.



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Cut paste of the below link...

I have already checked this and also i have mentioned where is was struck, please help me out from where is was struck.



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Hi Venkat,

There are 2 SAP notes that seems related to this problem (1329723 and 688297), please check if are relevant also for your case.