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How to define BOM with fixed consumption?

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Dear Experts,

I have a factor that fixed consumption 10 + 5 x quantity for a child item, how should I define the BOM?

For instance to produce 1 item, it requires 10 + 5 x 1 = 15

but to produce 2, then 10 + 5 x 2 = 20.

this fixed value 10 is predefined but different for every items.

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B1's BOM has no support for this function. My suggestion is to make a phantom item with all those fixed quantities for the same BOM and add to the actual BOM.



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Thanks. Gordon.

I can not use a phantom item. a child item has to be one child item. can not be divided into two or more.

In fact, a child item is a solid steel bar so it can not be mixed as powder or liquid.

Is there any other way to do this without using SDK?