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How to define Action Box in Public Cloud (e.g. print 8D Report)

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Hi all,

we are trying to define some activities in the action box in the public cloud. I've seen that it is possible now to use some badis (FOA_EXECUTION_FOR_TASK) to create own follow up actions and enable the use of them in the action box as activities. In on premise it was possible to use function modules (e.g. QM06_FM_TASK_CREATE_8DREPORT) and link them as activities in the action box. How can we reproduce this in public cloud?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi StefanKonradi,

Please refer the below blog on how to enable Action Boc for Quality notification in Public Cloud,

And to define custom follow-up Actions, you can add new follow-up action key in the configuration node "Define Follow-up Actions for Tasks" and then In the Custom Logic app, create an implementation of the BAdI FOA_EXECUTION_FOR_TASK and assign the key you defined for the follow-up action as the filter value for the filter FOLLOWUPACTION. Then assign that follow-up action key while creating new Activities for Quality Notification type under configuration node "Define Action Box".

Hope this helps. Please Accept the answer if you find this helpful.


Prabha A