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How to deactivate Batch Management?

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Can anyone help me please to deactivate batch management? What will be its implecation?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Rakesh,

Please find the steps for removal of Batch Management Indicator:

1: Check the Status of Article in MMBE for total batches of the article.

2: There should not be any open Purchase Order Use SE16 & Table EKPO Give the Article

Number for which we have to find the Open Pos; Alternatively ME2M can also be used

3: There should not be any Sales Order. Use SE16 & Table VBAP Give the Article Number for

Which we have to find the Open Sales Orders

4: There should not be any Purchase Requisition. Use SE16 & Table EBAN Give the Article

Number for which we have to find the Open PRs

5: There should be no Stock in Transit MB5T

6: There should be no Plant availability Stock MB53

7: There should be no Reservation MB25

8: Previous Period Stock should be zero. Use MM43 with Plant Stock & Storage Loc. View.

If Stock Exists follow the Procedure:

u2022 If previous period stocks exist, we can make a withdrawal posting as follows. Post the same amount to current period stock (for example, using movement type 561) so that previous period stock and current period stock are identical.

u2022 Make a withdrawal posting in the previous period for the stock together with posting date (for example, using movement type 562).

9: Stock requirement should be zero MD04

10: There should be no open Delivery Use SE16 & Table LIPS

11: There should be no open Warehouse Transfer Request Use SE16 & Table LTBP or LTAP

12: The Batch Corresponding to the plant for the article has to be set for deletion indicator

Tcode: MSC2N

13: Once the batch deletion indicator is set, Archive all batches for the article.

If any of the above Stock Exists it has to be closed; If Any of the stock exists we cannot uncheck the batch management indicator.

After closing all the open items; the related business documents viz Purchase Orders, Delivery, etc have to be archived.



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Thanks a lot Manoj,

It has solved my problem.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Deactivation is technical possible, but you have a lot to do to make this happen.

It is certainly easier to create new materials instead of going thru all steps you would need to do to switch off batch managment.

please read OSS note Note 533383 - Deselecting the batch management requirement indicator

and 30656 - Change base unit of measure/batch mngt requirement

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no it is not possible.

If you want you can activate the batch management for a material while creating that material. other wise do not activiate it.

It is individual to every material. you can not deactivate batch management as a whole

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plz complete all the open order or open gr for this material. and took physical inventory. after that remove the tick mark of batch management in material master record in purchasing view. Caution: plz do in test server.

Thank you.

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Once you have activated Batch management check box in MMR in Purchasing view. Anf after wards if GRN is done then you can 't change the batch indicator.

In that case you have to reverse/ cancell all the material documents.

In Nut shell if GRN happened and Batches exist for a particular material then you can't deactivate Batch for that material.

If no stock Exists for that Material then Go to MM02 Tcode and deactivate batch in Purchasing view.