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How to customise tax data in MM01 on sales org 1 view for different countries

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When you create a material master record, tax data for various countries is proposed on the Sales: Sales Org. 1 tab page.

Where can we change this default data?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Community,

In order to customize the tax data for several different countries on sales org 1 view, please check the following test example:

1. Create or extend a material with transaction MM01
2. Tax data fields are mandatory for various countries, in this example China (CN) and Germany (DE)

The tax data is required for the countries China (CN) and Germany (DE) as tax data in customer and material master depends on the country of the plants and sales organization combination.

The system checks the assignment of plant(s) to sales org/dist channel.
Configuration is done with transactions:
1. OVX6 (SPRO --> IMG --> Enterprise Structure --> Assignment --> Sales & Distribution --> Assign Sales Organization - distribution channel - plant)
2. OVX3 (SPRO --> IMG --> Enterprise Structure --> Assignment --> Sales and Distribution --> Assign sales organization to company code)

In this small example we have assigned Plant 0001 (Country DE) and Plant CN01 (Country CN) to Sales Org (Country DE).

When you maintain material or customer master for sales organization DE the system will automatically prompt for tax classification in countries DE and CN. This is because the country key assigned to plant CN01 is CN (China) and plant 0001 is DE (Germany)

If the tax data is not required to be mandatory or if the countries listed are incorrect the customizing will need to be amended.

Best regards,
SAP Support

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