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how to create table maintence with function group

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plz send me replay.


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Answers (5)

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for table maitenance

1) go to se 37

2) go to menu option GOTO-function group create group

3) u can give this group name in the table maintenece


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Refer this:


Create Maintenance Dialog

To generate the maintenance dialog for a table or view:

Choose Development ® Other tools ® maint. dialog. You go to the maintenance transaction initial screen.

Enter the name of the table or view.

Choose Generated objects.

Choose Create/Change.

Confirm the maintenance module creation prompt.

Enter the generation data:

– Maintenance module function group

You can put maintenance modules for several tables or views in a function group.

– Authorization group

– Maintenance type (one/two-level)

– Maintenance screen numbers

– Recording routine (standard/individual or none)

Choose Create. All components required are generated.

When a maintenance dialog is generated, an entry with an object list is created in the maintenance object description table. All tables involved are in this object list.


3. Important : u must activate Function group before generating table maintainance.

Jogdand M B

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You cannot create table maintenance screen for whole Function Group at one time. You have to create one by one within Fn. Group. There are lots of post on this regard, please check out.



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Hi nagalakshmi,

First create function group throguh SE80 and then go to table mainatance for the perticulare table enter the authorization group as $NC and enter required values then save and activate. Refer any Custome table which already created.

Reply for quries and shall post the updates.