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How to create step by step a new country Kosovo (XK)

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I assume we are not the first customer to implement a new country code XK and I am searching for a step-by-step implementation guide to create the new country Kosovo.

Kan you help?

We are at the level of S/4HANA 1909 and after the summer we will start with the upgrade to level S/4HANA 2023.

Regards, Erik Koppe ***removed by moderation***

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Erik,

1) T005 entries:

Use Transaction SM30 - add the following content:

Country:                        XK                    (Table field: T005-LAND1)

Name:                           Kosovo             (Table field: T005T-LANDX)

Description(long):          Kosovo             (Table field: T005T-LANDX50)

Nationality:                    Kosovar            (Table field: T005T-NATIO)

Nationality (long):           Kosovar            (Table field: T005T-NATIO50)


Vehicle Country key:      RKS                 (Table field: T005-LANDK)

ISO code:                     XK                    (Table field: T005-INTCA)

ISO code 3 char:           XKX                  (Table field: T005-INTCA3)


Date format:                  DD.MM.YYYY   (Table field: T005X-DATFM)

Dec. Format:                 1.234.567,89     (Table field: T005X-XDECP)

Time Format:                24 Hour Format (Table field: T005X-TIMEFM)


2) T005K entries

  • Transaction: SPRO > Button: SAP Reference IMG
    1. SAP Netweaver > General settings > Set Countries > Define Country Codes > Button: New entries > Maintain values as listed below > Save

Ctry:                 XK                    (Table field: T005K-LAND1)
Tel.from:          00                    
(Table field: T005K-TELEFFROM)
Tel. to               383                  
(Table field: T005K-TELEFTO)
Digit del.          0                     
(Table field: T005K-TELEFRM)
TLX fr.              <EMPTY>        
(Table field: T005K-TELEXFROM)

Telex to            621                   (Table field: T005K-TELEXTO)

Please note that this is a proposal only (it is not an official SAP delivery) adding the minimum content and it only enables you to create a Business Partner for Kosovo.

In addition please note that in future Kosovo might get an official (different) ISO code. If this should then be used for all your data consistently, you will need to migrate data (manually) to this new code.

Best regards,

Nils Buerckel