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How to create relationship between Position and Personnel Subarea

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Hi Expert,

How can I create a relationship between position and personnel subarea. It would be very helpful to avoid human errors while hiring, promoting or transferring.

Thank you in advance

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Answers (3)

Former Member

Yes, this is IT 1008.

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Yes it is Account Assignment feature to be enabled to link OM to PA



Yes it is Account Assign feature you need to enable for every position to interface the Personnel Structure

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Hi Guys

I have come across a way by which we can assign subarea to a position. All we have to do is go to PPOME then select the organization unit then go to account assignment tab on the bottom. find the pers. subarea field and give the personnel subarea there. After saving now when u hire, promote or transfer an employee the personnel subarea will appear on IT0001 based on the position u gave on IT0000.

I hope this helps