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How to create new report using V/LA Transaction?

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Hi All,

I need to create a new pricing report by using V/LA transaction.

When i was trying this i couldn able to create for the exact key combinations required by the customer.

Kindly advice me how to create a new report.



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Answers (3)

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Hello Experts,

Thanks for your information.

I have created a new price list in t code V/LA and extracted the report by using V/LD.

Thanks a lot.



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It is very simple.

1. Go to V/LA transaction give the price list type (example ZA) & description (example: Price list of Tax Conditions)

2. Select one field which you kept in your table of access sequence


A. Click on OR (system will show you the selected table that contain one selected field) Example: suppose if you want the tables which are having Country field

B. click on AND (system will show you the selected tables that contains all the selected fields) Example: suppose if you want the table which are having Country and Plant

4. Now system will show you the relavant condition tables according to your selection

5. Select the relavant tables which you used in your access sequence of your condition type. Now click on continue to list structure

6. Here give the posistion, Text how system has to show, Selection for execute the report & Required or not check box

Save & execute the report in V/LD.

Check the following links

[Pricing report |;

[Add field to price report|;

Hope this will helpful



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Hi Raghu,

Using transaction V/LA it is possible to create your own pricing report.

Please go to transaction V/LA:

> insert a name of the list (for example ZC)

> insert a title (for example 'test')

> The press F8

Afterwards you can choose some fields for the list. For example 'customer' and 'material'.

Then press F8.

Here you can choose the condition tables for your list. In the selection are all condtion tables are displayed.

I hope this will help you.