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How to create an installable package

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Hi all

we have developed some ABAP objects on R/3 4.6c.Is there a way by which i can convert my developments in to a installable package(copy it on a CD) much similar to the support packages supplied by SAP to its customers.Since the target system will be any R/3 system, how is it possible to convert it in to a patch like package.

please enlight me how i should proceed..



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Put them into a transport, release the transport - but don't import it anywhere.

The cofiles that the transport creates will be on your SAP box in the SAPTRANS directory. Copy these to your CD and you can install them as a transport from another system by importing through STMS.

Hope this helps.

(Alternatively you can use a download utility - like the ones from Dalestech - to download all of your objects and load them into the target system).

Kind Regards

Rosie Brent