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How to create additional depreciation areas in public cloud ?

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Hi everyone,

The customer needs additional depreciation areas to follow some asset valuated amounts seperately.

The scope item "Asset Accounting – Additional Depreciation Area"-5HG is active in CBC, however system does not allow to create new depreciation areas in configuration or there is no added depreciation area delivered by SAP. Only two standard depreciation areas are available as 1 for 0L, and 32 for 2L. 

Is there anyway to create new depreciation areas on public cloud environment?

Thanks to all.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Please remove tags other than SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Finance.
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Product and Topic Expert

@BORDRILL If you assigned local accounts principle at ledger level then statistical areas are not enabled, see KBA 3309052 Statistical areas not available in company code S/4HANA CLOUD

Make you to read the full details of the ledger scenarios in the help guide,

To enable statistical areas assign local accounts principle at company code level. 

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Product and Topic Expert


Could you please confirm if you activated the scope item 5FK?

Please note that both scope items Asset Accounting – Additional Depreciation Area (5HG) and Asset Under Construction – Additional Depreciation Area (5KF) can only be activated during the scoping phase in SAP Central Business Configuration.

These can also be identified in SAP Process Navigator with the corresponding Tool tip:


The scope item 6VB is not available for all the countries/industries.

Hope this helps.

Arturo Montes de Oca

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Hi Arturo Montes de Oca,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the scope item 5KF is also active in CBC. And scope item 6VB is not supported for the country as you stated.

If you have further recommendations, it would be appreciated.