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How to create a BOM for use in purchasing

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Hello Experts

We are a University, and I have been asked to create something similar to a bill of material for using on a purchase order.

We purchase light bulbs from a supplier, but each bulb also incurs a 15p disposal charge and this charge has to be shown as a separate line item on the purchase order. So we want to create a material that when used pulls through an additional line for the disposal charge. Also the light bulbs are held in stock and are issued out to departments, therefore the cost of the light bulb and disposal charge must be charged out too.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Bills of material are best used when there are components that are relevant. They CAN be used for things like you mention here but I am not sure that it will help your business requirements.

I would suggest that you consider adding the charge as a new pricing condition.

That way the total cost of the item will be the price plus the disposal charge. If you use a separate line on the PO the cost of the disposal will not be connected to the cost of the bulb and so when you issue any they will use the cost without the disposal charge.

SO I would create an info record and enter the details of the price and then add in a surcharge condition type (for the disposal cost).

That ay whenever you order these bulbs from this vendor, the system will propose the cost including the disposal cost.

Steve B

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