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How to creat our own personal actions?

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dear gurus,

thank u to all of you as u ppl are doin grt work.

kindly any1 guide me through each step to create personal actions

for example I want to create Hiring action for my comapny.


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u have to do the following activities in following sequence:

Define Info groups

In this step, you define the info groups that are processed when actions are carried out. This must be carried out before you proceed to the next step where you must define the work list, i.e. the info group, for every personnel action that is to be carried out.

The info groups can be defined so that they are dependent on the user group (user parameter "UGR").

If there are no entries for an info group for the user's user group or if the user has not maintained their user group, then the info group is determined using the reference user group.

Create Reason for actions

Change Action Menu

**The standard SAP System contains one info group for every action. The info groups are generally dependent on the user group. In this case, the country grouping is used as a value of the user group. The info groups are set up independent of the employee's control data, i.e. the feature IGMOD has "space" as its return code.


When hiring an employee, the infotypes Personal data (0002), Organizational assignment(0001), Address (0006), Planned working time (0007) etc., are created one after the other.