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How to configure returns processing in electronic bank statement?

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This question has been asked several times before but there was not really a good answer.

Can anybody provide a detailed explanation how to configure returns processing? I have created internal return reason, assign it to external bank transaction, in return activities, I have given the return posting rule, and ticked reverse clearing. I have also configured Change Open Items by setting payment block.

I have good CAMT053 return file from the bank that contains the original payment document number (which cleared customer AR in the first place). So I used standard interpretation algorithm 001.

However it still does not work. I suspect the return posting rule I have defined is not correct. In posting area 1 I have to debit incoming payment clearing and credit real bank account. In posting area 2 I would like to credit incoming payment clearing and debit (re-establish) the customer AR account. In Posting type I have 9. Cancellation reason is also defined.

Can anyone help please.

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