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How to configure Check Digit for storage bin verification?

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to configure a check digit for storage bin verification during a picking process? I heard that some copanies are using check digits and we plan on implementing voice picking with check digit confirmations of the bin locations instead of scaning bar codes at each storage bin location.

Any help would be appreciated.....thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Miguel

In the storage bin master data there is 'verification field' LAGP-VERIF which is a free text field. This can be used to verify the bin during picking

Dependent upon your RF/Voice picking solution you can request in the mobile data entry configuration that you want the source or destination storage bin to be verified.

Using standard SAP mobile data transactions this would then look for verification values based on those applied to the storage bin master data

Hope this helps


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