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How to configure 2 different closings of "phiscal year" in the same SAP basis?

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I'm at a customer where need make the next: In a SAP basis, some companies of the group do the closing in december, so the phiscal year is from january to december. But has one company that do the close in June, so the phiscal year is from july to june of the next year. Exist some configuration SAP standard for resolve that problem? I had tried by transaction OB29 and OB37, but I did not get any results. The main problem is in transportation of balances by transaction F.16, where the balances of the acounts P&L not are transported correctly for this company. How could I do this configuration at system to meet this two kinds of closings?

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Are these different companies you mentioned different " Company Codes"? If yes, you can assign make and assign different fiscal year variants (OB29 and OB37 as you mentioned), you should be definitely able to achieve your requirements. There is no other way.

If you are not an FI consultant, kindly take help of an FI consultant or Refer any online documentation on how to configure fiscal year variant

Let me guide you with some quick steps 🙂

(Note: Assuming you have just one company code which is not following calendar year, and rest all companies are following calendar year, and also assuming that in your existing setting, Calendar fiscal year is assigned to all company codes)

Following are the steps:

1. You will need to create a new fiscal year variant (OB29), according to the fiscal year of the odd company code

2. Also, you need to create a temporary "Shortened Fiscal year" for the first year (which has less than 12 months), to change the fiscal year for the odd company from calendar year to the required fiscal year.

3. For the first year, assign the shortened fiscal year (created in step 2) to the odd company code and after the shortened fiscal year is completed, assign the fiscal year created in step 1.

Example: If you have 5 companies of which 4 companies are following calendar year (Jan-Dec) and 1 odd company say company code AA01 follows Fiscal year Oct to Sep,

1. You need to configure a fiscal year from Oct to Sep (normal fiscal year of 12 months)

2. Also, you need to configure a shortened fiscal year from Jan to Sep (9 months) for the changeover (This is required for first year only)

3. In next Jan (2018) assign the shortened fiscal year (created in step 2) to Company code AA01 which will end in Sep 2018 and in Oct, assign the Fiscal year created in step 2 (Oct-Sep). (This will be permanent)