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How to combine strategy 40 and 50 for one material

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Hi Guru's,

Material A should have the main strategy 40. That means we cand create forecast(PIR) and covert the planned order into production order. So that we can start production.

But when we receive the MTO sales order and release it. The planners hope that the MTO quantity can consume the PIR automatically. So that we do not purchase more raw materials.

For example,

The PIR for material A is as below:

2011/03/05 10- pcs

2011/03/12 20- pcs

Then there will be two planned order as below:

2011/03/05 PldOrd 1001 10pcs

2011/03/12 PldOrd 1002 20pcs

At 2011/03/08, we create a MTO sales order with 13pcs and release it (SO number=23). After MRP run, we hope this MTO order can consume the PIR. as below:

2011/03/08 PlnOrd 1003/SO 13 pcs

2011/03/08 CusOrd 23 13- pcs

2011/03/12 VSF 7- pcs

2011/03/12 PldOrd 1002 7 pcs

Do you understand what I want?

I tried to solve several days by creating new requirement class, requirement type, item category at SO, etc. But I couldn't solve it.

Please tell me what I can do. Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Seems like you create a new thread for the same issue.

Anyway, I would like to confirm to you the same (again) that this is not possible to consume one single PIR requirement type from two different requirement type in sales order in standard system. Normally, the tab procurement in sales order will default the requirement type based on strategy group defined in material master or configuration of item category (normally KSV for strategy 40). In the configuration of PP Demand Management, you will see the link between SD requirement type and PIR requirement type (VSF consume by KSV, check customized view V_T461S). This SD requirement type is also linked to requirement class which will be determined whether MTO or MTS via account assignment of requirement class (OVZH config the link, OVZG config req.class).

After review these link, you will see that one PIR record cannot consume two different requirement type.

If you want to have both type of sales order to consume PIR, you have to split PIR to MTO and MTS respectively as well. This is standard SAP.

If you want otherwise, again create enhancement via BADI I mentioned earlier. Check OSS Note #608760 for this BADI.

Hope it helps.

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Hi ayethebing,

Thank you very much!

Yes. I tested with different way. But I defeated at last.

I think I should stop trying for it.


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