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How to clear open posting change notices (Movt type 309)

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I want to clear the open PCN's created with mov type 309 (Posting change, general) being shown in LL01.

All these posting change quantity are positive. I am not able to nullify them because there is no stock of those materials.

Whenever I try to create a TO from LU04, the system is unable to take a storage type because of no stock.

Whenever I try to change the PCN;s status to :U", the system says that the souce data and dest data is same (both sloc's are same).

Please suggest an alternative to clear these PCN's.

Thanks in advance.



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Answers (3)

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Just had the same issue!!!

In LU02 when you get the error message that everything is the same just change the receiving st location (to one that exists) and then ensuring you have the status set to U it will get rid of it

I hope this helps


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Pls check the below.

-Any open transfer orders for the posting change notice exists,once they confirmed the PCN will be cleared.

-Use LU02 to set a deletion status on the PCN.

Posting change notices can be created for same sloc's but the stock category of the source and destination will be different i.e. unretstirced to quality, unrestriced to blocked etc ....

Hope this helps you.