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How to check flag KBLD-PMACTIVE automatically?

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Hi to all:

I have a question for any of you who can kindly help me.

I have a funds reservation created automatically from a contract.

Then, i want to post a value adjustment to that funds reservation.

When i Try to create a value adjustment with FMXPM1 i got message RE240 (document can still be manually modified)

The thing is, the system checks in the fund reservation for the flag KBLD-PMACTIVE to be checked. If it is not checked, then no value adjustment could be made. If i then go to modifiy the funds reservation with FMX2 and check the flag, i can proceed with FMXPM1.

My problem is that is totally cumbersome to check that flag KBLD-PMACTIVE in every funds reservation i made. More than that, almost all our funds reservations are created automatically through Contracts (ME31K).

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Diego,

There is a workflow template (WS80500024) in order to mark this flag automatically after approve /post commitment documents.

FMRE BOR has a specific method (SetValueAdjustments) for that.

Maybe you could use it.

Best regards,