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how to change warning message to error message.

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Can sombody tell me where i can change system messages from wrning to error. I require at order, delivery and billing.

I have blocked customer but when i do sales returns using order type "RE" it allows to create order with just a warning message. Is there a stadard way to block even creation of return order or we need to change the warning meggage to error message.


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Yes SAP is allowing to create a return order even the customer is blocked is because, already for that customer, there would be some open line items and it needs to be cleared / updated in SAP from FI side.

Besides this, for the sales already made, there would be instances where you need to issue credit note towards returns and here, you need to create a return sale order to close the loop.

However, if you want to control creation of return orders, you can try with the following sale order user exits.

User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_READ_DOCUMENT

User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT


G. Lakshmipathi

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When the warning message is thrown pls double click that message then you will get the message no like message class V1 no 023 like that

Note down that

In t code OVAH you can convert from warning to error of message classes V4 (all SD that is sales related messages)

In t code OVM1 you can convert from warning to error of message classes VL (all SD that is distribution related messages)

But your message class and message no should lie in the lists of messages given in these t codes

The messages in these t codes SAP has given for us for customizing that is mainly V4 and VL

Any thing other than these message classes like V1 etc has to done thro development only

This has to be done thro development only not possible thro customization

Go to SE91

1.Input the message class V1

2..Input the message no say 061 in no and execute the message no and click on where used list (ctrlshiftF3) the box programming and deselect all others

5. Then a list of programs where this error message is used will appear

6.Double click description on the right side of your screen

7.Here you can see the codings written for this message 061 which can be changed to warning to error


The best way to do it is with ABAPer only

Not recommended to change the standard settings