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How to change the Loose material as Packed material for RG1 Register

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Pls Suggest me to solve the problem. I want to know where the material form is maintained. P for packed, L for Loose. In RG1 register for Packed material everything is getting reflected in RG1 Register. Whereas for loose material opening balance, Total of opening and manufacture & Closing balance are not getting reflacted in Rg1 register.

I have checked till the date all production & issue are there in J_1IRG1 table after J1I5. After extracting the thru J2I5 only packed material is getting updated in J_2IRG1BAL table. But not the loose or unspecified material. However my clients need to get packed as well as loose material in RG1 register.

Manually in development client i changed the Losse or unspecified material as Packed by direct table entry in J_1IRG1 for testing. After doing the same when i extract the data thru J2I5, everything is coming in J_2IRG1BAL table. And getting reflected in RG1 register.

Now I have to change the Loose material as Packed material. So my problem will be solved. That is my objective.

Pls tell me how to do the change. Is any config setting or assignment?

Its urgent.

NB: helpfull answer will be awarded.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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At the initial stage before doing 1st J1I5 in the system an entry should exist in table j_2irg1bal with quantity in closing balance field. Also you have to maintain field MATFORM with either "P for Packed" and "L for Loose".

Later when you do J1I5 system will autmatically copy the data maintained initially.

To maintain table J_2IRG1BAL you have to use SE11 or SE16, no standard transaction is available to maintain.


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Hi Alpesh,

Is it acceptable? I mean to do the direct table entry of table J_2IRG1BAL IN PRD.

Again I have question. Suppose we have created a new material again. So should we follow the same procedure before getting RG1 register. Actually in or dev client I change the material matform unspecified to Packed. After that when I run J1I5 ==> J2I5. The table J_2IRG1BAL table got automatically updated. Then RG1 register was showing correct data.

Actually I found in the following manner.

One material suppose Matxxx in plant 1000 is of MATFORM ''unspecified''. Where the register was not showing opening bal, total, closing bal. And in other plant 2000 it is of Packed form. In 2000 the opening bal, total, and closing balance were correct. In table

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