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How to change Logo in Successfactors LMS reports

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I have updated Company logo in SF as per Client request.

I am trying to change current logo in Successfactors LMS standrard reports (Scheduled Roster..Curriculum name few). I have 70+ reports for which logo needs to be replaced.

For changing Logo in course completion certificates i used BIRT Tool to update Logo.

But, given the amount of report i am having,can you suggest any solution where all the reports can you the same company logo?



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Hi KR,

You should be able to change all logos for all reports by modifying the PlateaulThemes.rptlibrary.

  1. Export the PlateauThemes library to your local machine.
  2. Unzip and open the file in Plateau Report Designer.
  3. Save the file in zip format
  4. Uploading the library selecting “overwrite”.

Displaying image001.png

Displaying image001.png

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I've done this, but it is not updated. What did you mean by restarting? I already logged off and back on.


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Reach out to successfactors for restart. only they can do.

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Hi, All -

When you submit a ticket for the restart, I suggest you include rather specific instructions. Here's an example:

I recently uploaded a new PlateauThemes.rptlibrary file to our (staging/production) server.

Please shut down the background job server, a.k.a. the report server, clear the work and temp directories, and then start the background job server. Otherwise I understand that the change may NOT be picked up because it is calling from cache

NOTE: I was an instructor for the LMS Plateau Report Designer for 7 years

You might want to check the job aids at While some are older, you will find many helpful tips for working with custom LMS reports.

Good luck,