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How to change currency

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How can change the currency after transaction code created to a company.

help me

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Hi ,

Currency change takes place differently for different transactions.

In case of PO , it can be controlled via vendor master , if u r talking about financial transations then it can be changed in the transactions itself. But parallely you need to maintain the conversion rates in OB08.

Note : For PO currency - multiple currency can be maintained for multiple Plants wihtin a PO issued to a Vendor. Same can be achieved via alternative purchasing data in vendor master data.



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Could you eloborate your scenario why you want to change the currency?

If there is no transactions, there wont be any problem. but If you already transactions, then you need to analyze what type of transactions you have. If its only master data like masterial master, vendor master and PO, then you delete those items and change the currency of the company code and later create the master data and PO with correct currency.

But if you have posted GR, MIRO and GI, then it's gonna be a mammoth job...

Also you may think of the option... you may delete the old company code, open transactions, and clearing the accounts. create a new company code with correct currency and upload all the data and the postings fresh...

In the course of your investigation, you also need to analyse the GL account currency, controlling area currency and the currency maintained in other FI areas. Investigate this issue with the help of a FI consultant with your data.

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about which currecny change you are talking?

If you any open item in that case change currency it complicated process

Kailas Ugale