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How to change Billing status of delivery-related billing documents?

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Hi Experts,

Now I meet with the problem with the billing status.

I want to create a billing reference delivery notes, but the billing staus of delivery-related billing docuemnts is blank, I want to chage it to 'A' so as to create a billing refer to it.

Can anyone give me some hint to make it true?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Chris Gu

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Answers (2)

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Just check in the Sales Document Type in VOV8 > Billing > Del. Related Billing Type whether it is Delivery Related Billing.

Also make "A" in VOV7 as per the relevant Item Category.

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Billing status blank means, delivery is not relevent for billing. Check the deliver document, whether it has billing relevant items in it or not. To know the billing relevence, please check your item category definition.

For delivery relevant billing, billing relevance in item category definition (VOV7 transaction) should be 'A'.

A: Delivery-related billing document

Billing is based on the outbound delivery. Billing status is only updated in the outbound delivery.