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how to capture Material costs, profit margins in pricing

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What is the way to capture material costs, profit margins and other sub-totals into the pricing procedure?

Thank you.

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For capturing the material costs, you can use one of VPRS, EK01 or EK02 condition types. The usage of these condition types and their significance can be seen in some other thread here. There are lot of threads on these condition types.

You can also go to these links given below.

This should also tell you something about profit margin.

For subtotals, there is a separate column in pricing procedure and you can mention which subtotal a condition type or subtotal should correspond to. The subtotals range from 1 to 9 and then A to Z. The purpose of these subtotals can be seen by putting an F1 in that column or through some oss notes.

Hope this helps you.

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