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How to capture 100% data in SAP System for Traceability

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Hi SAP Experts,

For Lead Acid Batteries Manufacturing Company,  we want to capture ECV ( End Circuit Voltage ) & OCV ( Open Circuit Voltage )

of all SFG Batteries with their assembly Serial Numbers. 100 % data entry in SAP.

i.e :-   Battery Assembly Serial Number + ECV Value of that battery + OCV Value of that battery

So that during any complaint regarding ECV & OCV from marketing  , we could track ECV & OCV Value of that particular battery

from SAP System by its Assembly serial number.

Means :-  what was the ECV & OCV Value after assembly & now what is the ECV & OCV Value after Complaint from Marketing.

E.g :- Traceability In SAP After Assembly

(1)   Battery 1                 Serial No :- 1234      ECV Value After Assembly  :- 11.23                        OCV Value After Assembly :-13.78

Market Complaint

                                     Serial No :- 1234       ECV Value After Matket Complaint  :- 9.67             OCV Value After Matket Complaint  :- 10.32

In above example we can trace out difference between ECV & OCV Values i.e :-  SAP data + Market Complaint.

So plz suggest in simple steps how to maintain same in SAP System.

Note :- I don't know configuration part in SAP so plz advise me simple steps.

Warm Regards,

Dheeraj Sharma


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dheeraj, I think this can be done easily with standard SAP. No configuration is required in QM for this.

  1. You should assign inspection type 04 and 06 in material master. (TCode -MM01 or MM02)
  2. Create quantitative MICs ECV and OCV using QS21 transaction code.
  3. Create inspection plan through QP01 TCode and use above created MICs in it
  4. Assign 100% sampling procedure to these MICs

With assumption that appropriate serial number profile is assigned in material master, when you do GR against production / process order then system will generate an inspection lot of 04 origin. Then go to QA32 and do result recording against each serial number. For example, if GR is done for 10 assemblies then it would have 10 serial numbers and you need to record the results for ECV and OCV 10 times (for each serial number)

Later if you receive the customer complaint and if you inward it through SD module, then system will create another inspection lot of 06 origin. Record the values again against 06 origin lot. Thus you can get separate readings.

You can develop an ABAP report where just by giving serial number as input you can have all results to be displayed in desired format. However standard reports are anytime available!


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Thanks Mr. Rao, 

But We don't want to do 100% inspection against 04 as it would be time consuming and as you know

until in QA32 whole lot will not be released,

our next process owner can't consume those batteries for next SFG or FG.

So we want 100% inspection during in process instead of 04.

Means we want to do entries in SAP during process instead of after production order confirmation.

I have heard about 03 Inspection ( i.e :- In process Inspection ) but i don't have complete knowledge for the same.

So plz suggest we have to follow 03 Inspection or Is there any other way.

If 03 is only solution then plz tell me the steps to implement the same in SAP.

Warm Reagrds,

Dheeraj Sharma

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Ok! At what stage you do inspection that depends upon your organizational needs and resources availability!

Few things about 03 inspection type that I am aware of, are_

  1. These lots do not have stock posting facility, as these are created before any GR is done
  2. 03 inspection lots are created mainly for recording operation wise in-process result recording.
  3. E.g. let us assume that material XYZ in its routing has 3 operations. Then you need to define MICs under these operations in CA01 or CA02.
  4. When you release production order, system generates 03 inspection lot
  5. When you click on result recording then system will prompt you to choose against which operation you would like to record the results.
  6. Double click on appropriate operation and it will open MICs relevant to that operation only.
  7. If the serial number profile is properly customized and assigned in material master, then you can see serial numbers here and you can record serial number wise results.


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