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How to cancel Material Dcumented genertaed thru CO11n

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Dear Sir,

We have a scenarion where confirmation of Production Order thru CO11n has generated a Material Document . The Material document is generated due to produce of By-Product on confirming of Production Order thru CO11n .

Kindly guide us , how can we delete/cancel the generated Material Document .

We tried to cancel it using MBST but it is not allowing . The error message is as below .......

"Material document cannot be processed. Cancel the material document in the component that created the document.

You can only reverse the goods movement created through the posting of a physical inventory document by carrying out a new physical inventory for the relevant material. You can reverse a delivery effected via Shipping using transaction VL09"

We request you to kindly guide us pl .


B Mittal

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Answers (2)

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Please cancel the confirmation CO13 that will automatically reverse the Material documents.


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unfortunatelly when you create material documents via Production confirmation you cannot reverse material document it self.... the only way to it is reversing the intitial confirmation. it won't reverse the docuemtn, but will reverse the material movements, I mean, if was made 261 or 101 or 262 it will do a new 261 and 102 or 261

I suggest that if the Confirmation genereated more than one material document but you only need to reverese your "by-product" transaction, that you Manually generate a 261 for that By product in order the Net for the movements related to this material be Zero.

I hope it helps